The Kitchen Design Process

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The Kitchen Design Process

Having been involved with interior design for over 30 years, and kitchen design in particular, it will come as no surprise I’m regularly consulted by friends and family looking for ideas and suggestions about how they can improve their home, and the kitchen is generally at the top of the list.

The challenges have certainly changed since I produced my first hand drawn designs back in 1980. A first step is often finding a way to enlarge the space, taking out an internal wall or two, or perhaps a full extension which will create that multi functional room which seems an almost pre requisite for modern day family life. We are often asked to work with the appointed architect and liaise with the building contractor which we’re always happy to do.

As in most other areas of our lives, technology now plays a major role. Developments in computer aided design now help deliver colour rendered images, enabling us to view the proposed design from any angle and avoid making costly mistakes. Images can now include the chosen flooring, different work surfaces, the colour and finish of the walls and tiles, and we can draw on a comprehensive library of appliances and internal fittings to further illustrate the finished product. A new innovation shortly being introduced is the inclusion of a graphic import feature which will enable access to a vast and growing selection of online libraries from Google Sketch up. A recent example would be a roof lantern.

Technology doesn’t stop with the design process. New developments can now provide integrated audio systems with wireless connectivity, a great feature whereby you can use your iPod and iPhone to listen to your favourite music in the kitchen. Drop down TV screens can be hidden away under the wall units and tucked away when not in use.

Cabinets can now be fitted with a variety of sophisticated wirework systems which allow convenient and easy access to those difficult to reach corners, or just simply used to help organise the storage.

We’re constantly looking for new ways we can improve and enhance the design process so do let us have your ideas and suggestions.

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