kitchen solutionsI have often used the phrase “passionate about good design” but what does that actually mean, and what are the ingredients. I think a good starting point is listening. Most clients will have already carried out some fairly in depth research, and will have a reasonable idea of what they want to achieve. This is often based on what they didn’t like about their previous kitchen, or perhaps being inspired by a friend or colleague who has recently completed a project. The use of a mood board together with a scrapbook of magazine articles is also helpful.

The next stage in the kitchen design process must be based around interpreting those needs and finding creative solutions which will inspire the confidence to take the project forward.

Creative Kitchen Solutions:

With the aid of an extensive portfolio of earlier projects, we can illustrate how we addressed what may have been difficult challenges in the past, and how we found the answers. This portfolio can also act as a reminder of what may have been overlooked when putting the original wish list together.

This all may sound a little academic, but in fact, that’s what has been the core driver of the business for the last 33 years, being creative, finding solutions, and establishing a long term relationship with our clients, some of whom have become good friends

Hand Built Kitchen? Dispelling The Myth

Painted Kitchen Design

Bespoke Hand Built Kitchen

Reading through a number of kitchen and interior design magazines recently, I was very surprised by the costs detailed in some of the case studies. A customer seeking a bespoke and hand built product may be misled into thinking that unless you have a budget in excess of £20.000 a new kitchen is beyond your reach.

Of course, for any given design, you can spend significant amounts of money, but our aim has always been to offer guidance and advice that will enable the client to achieve there goals without having to break the bank. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

Dispelling The Myth:

The first consideration is the type of cabinetry. Although very desirable, fully framed cabinets can be substituted by a less expensive “on-carcase” version with a saving of around 30%. Both options can also include a number of different door styles to help personalise the design. If the basic layout includes a number of drawer systems, this will also have an impact on the final price. Looking at the last few projects we have completed, the average cabinetry costs were around £6000.00

The next area to consider will be the work surfaces. The popular choice today is usually granite or a composite from companies such as Caesarstone, but less expensive alternatives are available which will perform equally well.

Which ever area of the painted kitchen design we are looking at, the range of products on the market today will generally offer a solution to suit most pockets, and although we would not advocate the concept of letting the budget drive the job, with some careful planning and sensible advice we can usually provide a bespoke kitchen that will enhance your cooking pleasure for many years to come.

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