Planning a new kitchen

A popular request, and one of our favourite design solutions, is to include the provision of an island in the design. This can be a means of dividing an open plan room to define the cooking, dining and areas for relaxation.

The Kitchen Island

An island can provide its own essential work zone, offering additional storage and, with the inclusion of a second sink, create a dedicated preparation area. In addition, further space can be provided for appliances such as under counter microwaves and wine coolers.

By overhanging the work surface on the dining side, an informal seating area can be created for breakfast, a quick snack or a place to have a glass of wine while chatting to the chef.

Other considerations that need to be addressed include electrical and plumbing provision while ensuring that enough space is left between the island and the main kitchen. We always recommend at least a one meter space, especially when two people are working in the room. One solution could be an alternative shape to the normal rectangle or square. Introducing an L shape or curved section can add further interest and help solve any congestion issue.

The above covers the basic practical aspects; now let’s move on to visual appearance. A variety of work surfaces can be used to provide a contrast to the main counter in the kitchen. For example, a solid timber surface can add warmth and create a different focal point. Using a different finish for the cabinetry can also add to this effect and the inclusion of a bookcase or wine rack is another option to consider. It is becoming increasingly popular to use separately controlled lighting to illuminate this area, such as pendant lights and this approach will also help create a relaxed atmosphere when sitting down at the end of a long day, enjoying a well deserved glass of wine.

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