After weeks of planning, your new kitchen is finally installed and the cabinets are almost full again. All the old spices have been replaced, the wine is chilling in the fridge and the remains of last years Christmas cake has finally found its way to the bin.

Time now to add some accessories and make the space uniquely yours. I’m sure we all have those favourite pieces collected over many years, a loved and cherished china bowl, photographs that bring back memories of a holiday, an old spice rack found in a car boot sale or simply a collection of decorative ceramic plates and vases. The great advantage of these embellishments is that they don’t have to be permanent. Artwork can be updated and moved around, and the display of Clarice Cliff china or the beautiful Susie Cooper tea set can be rearranged every time it needs dusting.

Next on the list may be the latest design in toasters or that on trend coffee maker you’ve always wanted. One of my personal favourites is the range of designer kitchenware from Italian company Alessi or the homegrown brand JosephJoseph who have built a reputation for innovative and contemporary design.

It’s always useful to have easy access to those recipe books we’ve collected over the years, but space for the laptop is also helpful when searching for that illusive recipe you can’t find.

Kitchen displays can be unique in that they celebrate the beauty of everyday things. A bowl of fruit, a basket of eggs or bunches of freshly dried herbs can have great appeal and help make the kitchen a pleasure to work in.



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