After weeks of planning, your new kitchen is finally installed and the cabinets are almost full again. All the old spices have been replaced, the wine is chilling in the fridge and the remains of last years Christmas cake has finally found its way to the bin.

Time now to add some accessories and make the space uniquely yours. I’m sure we all have those favourite pieces collected over many years, a loved and cherished china bowl, photographs that bring back memories of a holiday, an old spice rack found in a car boot sale or simply a collection of decorative ceramic plates and vases. The great advantage of these embellishments is that they don’t have to be permanent. Artwork can be updated and moved around, and the display of Clarice Cliff china or the beautiful Susie Cooper tea set can be rearranged every time it needs dusting.

Next on the list may be the latest design in toasters or that on trend coffee maker you’ve always wanted. One of my personal favourites is the range of designer kitchenware from Italian company Alessi or the homegrown brand JosephJoseph who have built a reputation for innovative and contemporary design.

It’s always useful to have easy access to those recipe books we’ve collected over the years, but space for the laptop is also helpful when searching for that illusive recipe you can’t find.

Kitchen displays can be unique in that they celebrate the beauty of everyday things. A bowl of fruit, a basket of eggs or bunches of freshly dried herbs can have great appeal and help make the kitchen a pleasure to work in.



A Long Career

Corner KitchenA recent post on our LinkedIn network congratulating us on 35 years in business prompted me to think about all the changes that have occurred since we formed the company back in 1980.

Our first product, a framed kitchen constructed in 100 year old Pitch Pine, was a popular and successful range which we continued to produce in our Sussex workshop until 1985.

The difficulty in obtaining the raw material for this product led us to look at new areas, and this coincided with an increased interest in Painted Kitchens being promoted in a number of home interest magazines. The result was the launch of a range of Hand Painted Kitchens that we have now been producing for nearly 30 years.

Moving to an entirely new product will always present challenges, but this new direction gave us the opportunity to take an innovative approach with new designs incorporating features not generally found in similar products at the time.

1999 saw another milestone with the introduction of computer aided design. This rechnology has been developed and refined, and now provides us with the ability to create photo realistic images as well as detailed plans and elevations. A significant advance from the days of hand drawn plans.

Our current range continues to combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and we are constantly looking for new areas to improve and innovate.




















Hand Made Kitchen Design in Oak Hand Made Kitchen Design OakSituated on a large country estate in East Sussex, the design brief for this new build presented a number of interesting opportunities.
Initially working from the architects drawings, the first meeting focused on choosing a style and trying to decide if we should move towards a contemporary or more traditional approach.


When working with a client who has lived in their property for some time the styling is often dictated by the age or period of the building, but in the case of a new build you can start with a blank sheet of paper or of course, a blank screen on our CAD system.
The external elevations of this beautiful property consisted of a traditional Sussex flint finish together with a spacious and mainly open plan interior, creating a wonderful light and airy feel with stunning views over the Sussex countryside.
As the very large room where the kitchen was going to be located needed to also serve as a dining room, the owner asked if we could incorporate some old Oak door panels and a large Oak work top which had been rescued from an old school nearby. This would enable us to create a divide between the kitchen and the dining room, and introduce a contrast to the painted framed cabinets.
The drawer units under the Oak surface were configured to provide a small overhang, allowing the use of some stools on the dining room side. A great place for guests to sit and chat with the cook.
For the main work surface, the client chose a Kashmir White granite and we included to separate sinks, one of which was under mounted.
The use of a slightly darker paint for the base units added an interesting contrast to the light grey wall units.
The design and the use of different materials certainly added to the individuality of this kitchen and to quote the client “It’s an absolute pleasure to work in”

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