Why Choose a Solid Kitchen Work Surface

Granite Worktops SussexNow a popular choice, granite offers a highly durable and easy to maintain kitchen work surface and is available in a wide variety of shades and colours. Quarried from all over the world, natural stone offers unrivalled opportunities to not only enhance the value of your new kitchen, but will help create a unique and elegant look.

Choose from a range of black’s and grey’s to the more patterned and exotic colours such as Kashmir Gold or Giallo Veneziano. The range available is extensive and can add yet another exiting element to your painted kitchen.

kitchen work surfaces

For a more contemporary look, consider a Quartz based material from companies such as Caesarstone or Silestone. Consisting of approximately 93% natural quartz, these materials offer a versatile alternative to natural stone and are also non-porous and scratch resistant.

All these materials can be seen at our local supplier www.francistatemarbleworks.co.uk in Worthing and they are always happy to help and advise.

Keeping Up With Fashion: Kitchen Design is About You

Like the fashion industry, trends in kitchens change fairly rapidly. What was the height of fashion 15 years ago may have changed or moved on. But does it matter?

Kitchen Design is About You

Essentially it’s about you, and what you’re comfortable with, we’re assuming of course that the design and layout functions well, and it’s a fun place to work in and entertain your friends.

Most people will stamp their own personality on the room, a favourite piece of artwork, a display that includes that treasure you found at the antique fair, or that collection of family photographs.

Painted kitchens certainly offer the flexibility to change or update the room when you just fancy a change. A new paint finish, and perhaps a change of handles can make a significant difference, how about using two different colours, change a couple of solid wall unit doors for glazed ones, add some new lighting or tiles.

The smell of freshly ground coffee is even better when it’s from that trendy new machine sitting on the work top.

And of course, I almost forgot, the aroma of that Boeuf bourguignon in the oven just completes the picture.


Kitchen Lighting Solutions

kitchen lighting

Kitchen Lighting

It’s often the finishing touches to your kitchen designthat make the difference and can help create the wow factor. Lighting can play a major role in not only helping to create a great atmosphere, but also improving the functionality of the kitchen.

Options to be considered generally fall into three areas:

Task lighting

Best positioned under the wall units and designed to create an even spread of light, illuminating the work surface without any shadow.

General lighting

Various types of recessed, pendant or track lighting fitted to the ceiling, the track lighting in particular will offer maximum flexibility.

Accent lighting

This is where we can add atmosphere. This could include soft lighting into glazed cabinets, indirect lighting to wash the walls or highlight a favourite piece of art work.

The range of products available has been extended and developed in recent years, and now includes low wattage LED fitings, helping to keep energy costs down, and a vast range of track and pendant lights that can also utilise low energy lamps.

Control and flexbility are key to a successful kitchen lighting scheme and we are always searching out  new products that will help to enhance your kitchen.

Kitchen Design: Escape from the traditional kitchen layout.

kitchen layoutEscape From The Traditional Kitchen Layout

With Kitchen Design & Layout there’s nothing wrong with the tried and tested “U shape” or “L shape” design or my personal favourite, the galley design layout, but with friends and family all trying to help make the salad, stir the soup or slice the bread perhaps it’s time to try a new approach to your kitchen design and layout.

Try A Different Approach

This recently completed project included two separate islands in addition to a short sink run, two tall larders and some additional work surface.

This layout meant it was comfortable for two or three people to all help prepare the evening meal, whilst catching up on the day’s events over a glass or two of wine.

Kitchen Floor Plans Rescues

Is the layout of your kitchen a challenge?

Kitchen Floor Plans Rescues

Are those trips between the sink, cooker and the fridge often interrupted by unexpected traffic, do the open doors get in your way ? Does the worktop space somehow disappear under a mountain of clutter? Then you could have a kitchen floor plan possessed by problems.

The challenge faced by many is trying to adapt often inadequate space into a working environment suitable for 21st. century family living where you can entertain as well as cook.

The availability of truly bespoke cabinets together with imaginative and knowledgeable design skills will go a long way to solving most of these problems. Units don’t have to be a standard depth, or height for that matter, and shaped work surfaces can help ease congestion in narrow areas. The wide variety of appliances available today will also contribute to solving some of the problems encountered in your average English kitchen.

Our portfolio of work, assembled over the last 30 years illustrates some of the ways we have addresses these challenges with some interesting solutions.

Steaming Away: Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Neff Steam OvenKitchen Appliance Ideas To Help Chef’s Steam Their Cooking

It’s always been accepted that steaming food helps retain more of the goodness, we all remember those stacking pans, sitting on the hob, and having to make sure they don’t boil dry.

Technology that’s been available in Europe for many years is gaining popularity here in the UK. Market leader Neff have introduced an innovative new range of ovens called AquaAssist.

Designed to help cooks prepare beautiful food that’s perfectly moist, succulent and tender these ovens add humidity to the cooking process through the use of a small water reservoir. A small pump system pushes the water through stainless steel pipes towards a heater where its turned into vapour. Residual water is then returned to the tank for disposal.

The result, food that retains its natural colour and flavour so all the nutrients and goodness end up on the plate, not in the pan.

Counter Point: Kitchen Counter Tops Design Ideas

Kitchen Counter Tops

Kashmir WhiteThink of all the abuse your work tops take in the course of  a day, chopping, pounding, heat, moisture, and of course, those germs !

Well you’re spoilt for choice, and you can mix surfaces to add interest and improve function.

Hardwoods such as Oak or Beech are popular and can add a
feeling of warmth to the kitchen. Although requiring some extra care, treated
properly with Danish oil wooden tops will provide years of service, and if scratched
can usually be restored with the aid of some sandpaper.

For those looking for an almost maintenance free surface,
granite offers a wide choice of colour and pattern, unmatched beauty and

Other materials that have gained popularity over the last
few years include man made Quartz products from companies such as Caesarstone
and Silestone. Some of these new products include bacteriostatic  protection, helping control those germs !  Our local supplier www.francistatemarbleworks.co.uk
is a good starting point for research.

A Design statement

Franke: Celebrating A Design Statement

Franke is celebrating 100 years in business with its state of the art Centinox sink along with two stunning taps and innovative accessories. The Centinox sink encompasses all the elegance, style and precision engineering expected from Franke. The new Slim-top inset sink edge gives the appearance of a fashionable undermount sink.The profiled edge incorporates a lip into which practical, innovative tiered accessories fit and slide. Designed to slide within the sink are the stylish Rollamat, stainless steel strainer bowl and two sided stainless/synthetic chopping board. For more inspiration go to www.franke.co.uk

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