Hand Made Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen, one of the best investments you can make is in a hand made kitchen. There are many reasons why this is a good choice. At Painted Kitchens, we advice our clients on some of the benefits of choosing a custom made kitchen.

Hand made and hand painted kitchens add to the overall value of your home. It will cost you a bit more to install one, but in the end, when you get your home valued, this kind of kitchen will go a long way in upping its value.

Vegetables being prepared in a hand made kitchen

The Advantages Of Hand Made Kitchen Cabinets

You are able to choose all kinds of unique designs for your handmade kitchen and this means that you can have a kitchen that looks just the way you like it and that has been carefully crafted from superior materials. You can have all kinds of special pieces designed to your taste, and if you have any special requirements for your kitchen, a bespoke one is the way to go.

Experts will tell you that a hand made kitchen gives a much better fitting than if you were to go custom made. Each joint is measured to fit and the overall result is much better.

If you choose to go hand made, it only makes sense to have a hand painted kitchen. This gives you the chance to choose colours as you want them different parts of the kitchen can have different colours to complement the different hand made looks.

Choose a hand painter with experience that is specific to kitchens you will find some in the London, Sussex and Surrey area who do all kinds of projects but they do not have the in-depth expertise that is required to achieve perfect kitchens. You should make sure to involve him at the beginning of your project so that he can advice on the overall look that will be achieved when he finally applies the paint.

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The Kitchen Design Challenge

kitchen design Sussex

The Kitchen Design Challenge

If you’ve recently looked at buying a new car, you’re spoilt for choice. For any given budget, the range of options is endless, and keeping up with the technology available is quite a challenge.

The same can also be said about kitchen design. In the past, the work triangle was said to be revolutionary, simplifying the design approach by placing the fridge, sink and cooker within easy reach, and to some degree these elements still dictate the layout of many designs, but of course, the kitchen now has to fulfill so many other functions; a place for the computer, somewhere for that collection of cookery books and perhaps a television to keep up with the results from Wimbledon. We recently completed a kitchen which included two dishwashers and a second kitchen sink. A wine cooler was also an essential part of the plan together with a combination microwave, a product that has become increasingly popular.

One addition that has become very popular is the island. Access from all sides opens up a number of possibilities for additional storage, an overhang on one side can provide seating for a chat over a coffee, and the extra work surface is always welcome, especially when the children need help with homework. Careful consideration needs to be taken regarding the space between the main body of the kitchen and the island, but this can usually be addressed by paying attention to the width of the doors on the units where the main work is carried out. For smaller spaces or maximum flexibility, the island can be put on wheels which lock when in use, and can be moved out of the way when the guests arrive.

The ultimate solution to many design challenges is a bespoke product. Imagine what can be achieved if you can have any size, height or depth of cabinetry. Add in a mix of materials for work surfaces, the vast array of kitchen paint colours available, dozens of options for handles and you can achieve your dream, a kitchen that is totally you and reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Kitchen Design | An Eco Friendly Approach

eco friendly kitchens

An Eco Friendly Approach

Having recently completed a kitchen design project for a leading environmentalist, we were prompted to examine in more detail how we approach this aspect of our business.

As designers, we are responsible for a number of areas, and sustainability is often high on the list of priorities for a number of our clients.

Many people assume that sustainability is mainly about materials, but it’s also about the way we use our kitchens, the waste we create, the energy we use and the water we may waste.

Good research and the product knowledge gained from over 30 years in the industry can result in a number of significant savings and improvements and whilst we won’t save the planet over night, we can all help make a difference.

Domestic appliances are responsible on average for about half the energy consumption in a house, and the kitchen contributes a large percentage of that usage. Careful selection of appliances with a minimum energy rating of A+ or better still A++ will really make a difference to those energy bills. These ratings can also apply to water consumption, so don’t forget the dishwasher. Have a look at market leaders www.neff.co.uk for some great and innovative products.

Recycling and waste in another challenging area. Waste disposal units are worth considering, particularly if you’re not able to compost and we can offer a range of waste management systems that can be integrated into the cabinetry with options to sort the rubbish as you go. The ultimate solution is almost certainly a compactor more information on this is available at www.krushr.com.

Returning to our approach, our cabinets are manufactured in Sussex and delivered to site with the minimum of packaging. Our suppliers are all aware of our environmental policies and we are always working on ways to improve the way we deliver our product and service in the light of the challenges we all face.

We are always happy to receive feedback or ideas, so get emailing.

Galley Kitchen Designs

fitted kitchen designAccepted by many as the easiest to work in, the galley kitchen design can often be one of the most difficult to design and can easily become a boring corridor.

The room can often be narrow, and with two people working in the kitchen, the traffic can become a problem.

One of my favourite solutions is to break-front the cabinets using angled units or simply drop the depth of one section back to a run of shallow cabinets. Reduced depth cabinets can be very useful and save you having to rummage around for those small items that always get lost at the back.

Try to avoid too many tall units as they will certainly make the room feel smaller and overbearing.

You can enhance the visual effect by introducing different surface materials or for something different, try insetting timber drawer fronts into a painted frame.

Open wall units or just shelving will also help reduce the tunnel effect, and again, they don’t have to be the industry standard depth.

Bespoke solutions for awkward spaces.

Why Choose a Solid Kitchen Work Surface

Granite Worktops SussexNow a popular choice, granite offers a highly durable and easy to maintain kitchen work surface and is available in a wide variety of shades and colours. Quarried from all over the world, natural stone offers unrivalled opportunities to not only enhance the value of your new kitchen, but will help create a unique and elegant look.

Choose from a range of black’s and grey’s to the more patterned and exotic colours such as Kashmir Gold or Giallo Veneziano. The range available is extensive and can add yet another exiting element to your painted kitchen.

kitchen work surfaces

For a more contemporary look, consider a Quartz based material from companies such as Caesarstone or Silestone. Consisting of approximately 93% natural quartz, these materials offer a versatile alternative to natural stone and are also non-porous and scratch resistant.

All these materials can be seen at our local supplier www.francistatemarbleworks.co.uk in Worthing and they are always happy to help and advise.

Steaming Away: Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Neff Steam OvenKitchen Appliance Ideas To Help Chef’s Steam Their Cooking

It’s always been accepted that steaming food helps retain more of the goodness, we all remember those stacking pans, sitting on the hob, and having to make sure they don’t boil dry.

Technology that’s been available in Europe for many years is gaining popularity here in the UK. Market leader Neff have introduced an innovative new range of ovens called AquaAssist.

Designed to help cooks prepare beautiful food that’s perfectly moist, succulent and tender these ovens add humidity to the cooking process through the use of a small water reservoir. A small pump system pushes the water through stainless steel pipes towards a heater where its turned into vapour. Residual water is then returned to the tank for disposal.

The result, food that retains its natural colour and flavour so all the nutrients and goodness end up on the plate, not in the pan.

Counter Point: Kitchen Counter Tops Design Ideas

Kitchen Counter Tops

Kashmir WhiteThink of all the abuse your work tops take in the course of  a day, chopping, pounding, heat, moisture, and of course, those germs !

Well you’re spoilt for choice, and you can mix surfaces to add interest and improve function.

Hardwoods such as Oak or Beech are popular and can add a
feeling of warmth to the kitchen. Although requiring some extra care, treated
properly with Danish oil wooden tops will provide years of service, and if scratched
can usually be restored with the aid of some sandpaper.

For those looking for an almost maintenance free surface,
granite offers a wide choice of colour and pattern, unmatched beauty and

Other materials that have gained popularity over the last
few years include man made Quartz products from companies such as Caesarstone
and Silestone. Some of these new products include bacteriostatic  protection, helping control those germs !  Our local supplier www.francistatemarbleworks.co.uk
is a good starting point for research.

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