Counter Point: Kitchen Counter Tops Design Ideas

Kitchen Counter Tops

Kashmir WhiteThink of all the abuse your work tops take in the course of  a day, chopping, pounding, heat, moisture, and of course, those germs !

Well you’re spoilt for choice, and you can mix surfaces to add interest and improve function.

Hardwoods such as Oak or Beech are popular and can add a
feeling of warmth to the kitchen. Although requiring some extra care, treated
properly with Danish oil wooden tops will provide years of service, and if scratched
can usually be restored with the aid of some sandpaper.

For those looking for an almost maintenance free surface,
granite offers a wide choice of colour and pattern, unmatched beauty and

Other materials that have gained popularity over the last
few years include man made Quartz products from companies such as Caesarstone
and Silestone. Some of these new products include bacteriostatic  protection, helping control those germs !  Our local supplier
is a good starting point for research.

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