Kitchen Work Surfaces

handmade kitchen work surfaces‘A surface for every task and budget!’

The variety of materials available today offer a solution to almost any design brief.
For the most economical starting point, the choice would be laminate. Now available in an extensive range of colours, with some materials offering both a high gloss finish or a textured surface, this cost effective option is certainly worth considering.

Some of these surfaces are also available with an increased depth of 665mm, very helpful when trying to maximize worktop space. For clients trying to create a warmer feel to the kitchen, and for those who also have a passion for hand made wooden kitchen work surfaces and work topsnatural materials, a solid timber surface such as Oak or Beech will certainly be worth looking at.

Generally treated with a few coats of Danish Oil, these surfaces will certainly enhance the look of a country style kitchen, and if properly maintained, will provide many years of service.

If you are looking for the hardest wearing surface, and a material that will require the least amount of maintenance, then granite may be the choice. Another option that falls into this category would be a composite material from companies such as Caesarstone. Bomaterials are available in either 30mm or 20mm thicknesses with the added advantage that they can be fabricated in any size, depth or shape, helping to create some very interesting solutions. This could include an option to use different surfaces in the same kitchen, for example, using granite around the sink and oven, but specify a wooden surface on an island or an eating area. Another element that is worth exploring and often overlooked is the height of the work surface.

kitchen design handmade kitchen worktopsWhilst the standard height of 900mm is comfortable for most tasks, standing at the sink could be easier if the worktop height was slightly increased, particularly when a deep sink has been fitted, and for those keen bakers, kneading the dough or rolling out the pastry a lower surface will certainly make the job easier, and may even improve the end result.

Whether the design brief for your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, our knowledge and experience will always find a solution.

Find out more about our hand made kitchen design or call us today to arrange a free no obligation design and quotation.

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