Kitchen Appliances & Sinks

Kitchen Appliances

The level of technology and sophistication found in today’s appliances can present some challenging choices. With the exception of ovens and hobs, most other appliances are hidden away behind cabinet doors, only ever seen when you come to use the dishwasher, or reach into the fridge for that chilled bottle of wine.
The drive to integrate most of our white goods does help create a feeling of continuity in the kitchen and is especially important when we are dealing with a fairly small room. Most people prefer to see a cabinet door rather than a fridge or washing machine- but where do you put those fridge magnets you’ve collected over the year’s?bespoke kitchen appliances

Just looking at ovens and hobs, most manufacturers now offer an extensive range of product, so whatever you want from your cooking appliance, a combination microwave, single or double oven, steam oven or a mixture of all three, a solution can always be found.

A similar choice applies to hobs. Our favoured manufacturer, Neff, now offers over 50 different products in both gas and induction models, so making the right choice requires some serious research and we are always happy to guide and advise to help you make the right decision.

Widening the options even further takes us into the realm of range cookers where once again, the style and choice is endless with numerous variations including size and number of ovens, gas or ceramic tops, one or two manufacturers even now offer a broad range of colours to choose from.

Kitchen Sinks -

bespoke kitchen appliances and sinksJust when you thought most of the decisions had been made, we now come to look at sinks, and once again we are spoilt for choice. Undermount sinks are now very popular, particularly in a small kitchen where the visual impact of the sink needs to be minimized. For a country style kitchen, a butler sink may be a consideration. Moving on to a more contemporary, style a number of high tech products are available from leading manufacturers such as Franke which utilizes materials such as glass and fragranite.

With the help of a detailed wish list, we will create a design and produce a kitchen that will be a pleasure to use for many years.

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