I have very fond memories of the times I spent at home around the kitchen table when I was a child, helping Mum bake some cakes, usually creating a real mess with flour all over the floor. Dad would be helping me with my homework, although his spelling was almost as bad as mine. And of course, Sunday lunch with all the family around the table was always a focus for the week, no interruptions from mobile phones in those days !kitchen design

So you could argue that with the pressures everyone is working under today, all running around in different directions, the focus of the kitchen as a hub for family life has become even more important.

Major developments in cabinet design, new wirework storage solutions, a vast range of stunning work surfaces, and the integration of technology are just a few of the elements that have enabled kitchen designers to go beyond designing a room just to prepare meals in. The kitchen today has to provide a number of different functions which may often include a computer work station, space to relax, watch TV and entertain friends over a coffee or glass of wine.

A problem often encountered is simply the space is too small, but a solution can always be found by opening up the kitchen into an adjacent room, or better still, adding an extension thereby creating a large family room. You would be amazed by just how much additional space can be created by adding a side extension to a rear kitchen, a layout often found in some of our late Victorian oKitchen Designer - hand painted kitchensr early Edwardian houses.

The development of sophisticated computer aided design software can be a great help in visualizing just how the room will look when an internal wall is removed, and we can also create detailed images of your new kitchen when installed in the new extension.

We are happy to advise and suggest ways to achieve your goals. Our initial design service is free of charge, but we never say no to a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

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