Keeping Up With Fashion: Kitchen Design is About You

Like the fashion industry, trends in kitchens change fairly rapidly. What was the height of fashion 15 years ago may have changed or moved on. But does it matter?

Kitchen Design is About You

Essentially it’s about you, and what you’re comfortable with, we’re assuming of course that the design and layout functions well, and it’s a fun place to work in and entertain your friends.

Most people will stamp their own personality on the room, a favourite piece of artwork, a display that includes that treasure you found at the antique fair, or that collection of family photographs.

Painted kitchens certainly offer the flexibility to change or update the room when you just fancy a change. A new paint finish, and perhaps a change of handles can make a significant difference, how about using two different colours, change a couple of solid wall unit doors for glazed ones, add some new lighting or tiles.

The smell of freshly ground coffee is even better when it’s from that trendy new machine sitting on the work top.

And of course, I almost forgot, the aroma of that Boeuf bourguignon in the oven just completes the picture.


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