A Long Career

Corner KitchenA recent post on our LinkedIn network congratulating us on 35 years in business prompted me to think about all the changes that have occurred since we formed the company back in 1980.

Our first product, a framed kitchen constructed in 100 year old Pitch Pine, was a popular and successful range which we continued to produce in our Sussex workshop until 1985.

The difficulty in obtaining the raw material for this product led us to look at new areas, and this coincided with an increased interest in Painted Kitchens being promoted in a number of home interest magazines. The result was the launch of a range of Hand Painted Kitchens that we have now been producing for nearly 30 years.

Moving to an entirely new product will always present challenges, but this new direction gave us the opportunity to take an innovative approach with new designs incorporating features not generally found in similar products at the time.

1999 saw another milestone with the introduction of computer aided design. This rechnology has been developed and refined, and now provides us with the ability to create photo realistic images as well as detailed plans and elevations. A significant advance from the days of hand drawn plans.

Our current range continues to combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and we are constantly looking for new areas to improve and innovate.



















Steaming Away: Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Neff Steam OvenKitchen Appliance Ideas To Help Chef’s Steam Their Cooking

It’s always been accepted that steaming food helps retain more of the goodness, we all remember those stacking pans, sitting on the hob, and having to make sure they don’t boil dry.

Technology that’s been available in Europe for many years is gaining popularity here in the UK. Market leader Neff have introduced an innovative new range of ovens called AquaAssist.

Designed to help cooks prepare beautiful food that’s perfectly moist, succulent and tender these ovens add humidity to the cooking process through the use of a small water reservoir. A small pump system pushes the water through stainless steel pipes towards a heater where its turned into vapour. Residual water is then returned to the tank for disposal.

The result, food that retains its natural colour and flavour so all the nutrients and goodness end up on the plate, not in the pan.

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