paint colours for kitchen

How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Kitchen

Over the last few years, a popular choice for a number of clients has been the range of paints offered by Farrow & Ball. Famous for their quirky names such as Dead salmon and Elephant’s breath, this range does possess qualities of opacity and density which have made them a popular choice.

An alternative range worth considering are the latest colours from Fired Earth. This company also produce a stunning range of tiles which can be coordinated with the colour scheme.

The main elements which will have a direct influence on the choice of colour will be the work surface, the floor and, most importantly, the natural light in the room which changes through the day. A further aspect to consider is the effect of artificial light on the colour which in itself can vary depending on the type of lighting used.


paint colours for kitchen

Before embarking on selecting the final finishes for the kitchen it may be worth creating a mood board. This can be viewed in different areas of the room, and be seen at different times of the day. Most manufacturers offer small sample pots which can help prevent costly mistakes.

A good starting point when choosing your kitchen paint colour is to think about the overall feel for the room; are you looking for a clean and fresh approach which would involve the use of neutral tones, or would you like to add some drama to the scheme and make a statement using stronger tones? This approach might include using two different colours, a light finish on the wall units, with something darker and more dramatic on the base cabinets.

The major advantage of a painted kitchen is the opportunity to have a complete change after a couple of years. Add in a change of handles, and a major transformation can be achieved at very little cost compared to a completely new kitchen.

Talk To Your Kitchen Designer

Talk To Your Kitchen Designer

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges when embarking on a new kitchen design is trying to imagine the room empty of furniture, and avoid being influenced by the existing layout. You may wish to to go further and take out an internal wall, or that built in larder in the corner.
Visualising a new kitchen design and layout has been greatly enhanced by the development of sophisticated computer aided design software. In addition to vast libraries of cabinet styles, appliances, sinks, taps and work surfaces, we can now tile the walls and floors, dress the windows, and in addition to producing detailed floor plans and elevations, we can create 3D colour rendered images of the finished design. This may also involve seeing just what a difference taking that dividing wall out or adding a small extension.

But there’s obviously more to it than the ability to manipulate images on a screen. The first step is to start gathering ideas. Looking at the large number of kitchen magazines is a good starting point and you may also know someone who has been through the process recently with whom you can share the experience. You may even know someone who we’ve recently worked with.

bespoke painted kitchen designerThe initial research should help create a wish list which should include what sort of cooker are you looking for; keep in mind some of the recent developments such as:

  1. Combination microwave ovens
  2. Steam ovens
  3. What are your requirements for refrigeration?
  4. Are you happy with a solid timber work surface or would you prefer the solid beauty of granite or a composite such as Caesarstone.

Choosing a solid surface opens up a number of possibilities for under mounted sinks, and don’t forget new innovations such as hot taps.

Once your Kitchen wish list has been put together, it’s time to talk to your kitchen designer who will help you explore and develop your ideas.

The ingredients of our successful Kitchen designs are based on knowledge of the market, many years experience, and the ability to listen and translate your requirements into a design that will make the time you spend in the kitchen a more rewarding and enjoyable experience

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