Kitchen Lighting Solutions

kitchen lighting

Kitchen Lighting

It’s often the finishing touches to your kitchen designthat make the difference and can help create the wow factor. Lighting can play a major role in not only helping to create a great atmosphere, but also improving the functionality of the kitchen.

Options to be considered generally fall into three areas:

Task lighting

Best positioned under the wall units and designed to create an even spread of light, illuminating the work surface without any shadow.

General lighting

Various types of recessed, pendant or track lighting fitted to the ceiling, the track lighting in particular will offer maximum flexibility.

Accent lighting

This is where we can add atmosphere. This could include soft lighting into glazed cabinets, indirect lighting to wash the walls or highlight a favourite piece of art work.

The range of products available has been extended and developed in recent years, and now includes low wattage LED fitings, helping to keep energy costs down, and a vast range of track and pendant lights that can also utilise low energy lamps.

Control and flexbility are key to a successful kitchen lighting scheme and we are always searching out  new products that will help to enhance your kitchen.

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