Kitchen Floor Plans Rescues

Is the layout of your kitchen a challenge?

Kitchen Floor Plans Rescues

Are those trips between the sink, cooker and the fridge often interrupted by unexpected traffic, do the open doors get in your way ? Does the worktop space somehow disappear under a mountain of clutter? Then you could have a kitchen floor plan possessed by problems.

The challenge faced by many is trying to adapt often inadequate space into a working environment suitable for 21st. century family living where you can entertain as well as cook.

The availability of truly bespoke cabinets together with imaginative and knowledgeable design skills will go a long way to solving most of these problems. Units don’t have to be a standard depth, or height for that matter, and shaped work surfaces can help ease congestion in narrow areas. The wide variety of appliances available today will also contribute to solving some of the problems encountered in your average English kitchen.

Our portfolio of work, assembled over the last 30 years illustrates some of the ways we have addresses these challenges with some interesting solutions.

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