kitchen solutionsI have often used the phrase “passionate about good design” but what does that actually mean, and what are the ingredients. I think a good starting point is listening. Most clients will have already carried out some fairly in depth research, and will have a reasonable idea of what they want to achieve. This is often based on what they didn’t like about their previous kitchen, or perhaps being inspired by a friend or colleague who has recently completed a project. The use of a mood board together with a scrapbook of magazine articles is also helpful.

The next stage in the kitchen design process must be based around interpreting those needs and finding creative solutions which will inspire the confidence to take the project forward.

Creative Kitchen Solutions:

With the aid of an extensive portfolio of earlier projects, we can illustrate how we addressed what may have been difficult challenges in the past, and how we found the answers. This portfolio can also act as a reminder of what may have been overlooked when putting the original wish list together.

This all may sound a little academic, but in fact, that’s what has been the core driver of the business for the last 33 years, being creative, finding solutions, and establishing a long term relationship with our clients, some of whom have become good friends

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